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The Box

Studio Fitness Classes.

We have a range of studio classes to suit you. To ensure our timetable is current, classes will be subject to change following latest trends and attendance levels, however they will include the following:

  • Bums & Tums - The aerobics session that will leave you feeling toned up and firm in those all important areas.
  • Box Fit - Box Fit is a circuit based class which involves the muscles of the core, upper body, shoulders and hips. It is also a great cardio and strength workout.
  • Circuits - Cross training workout based on resistance and cardio exercises. Set out in individual stations which will differ every time you do a session. Gym Circuits use the gym floor & equipment.
  • Kettlebells - Kettlebells offer a different kind of training using dynamic movements which target almost every aspect of fitness, endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance.
  • Indoor Studio Cycling
  • Pilates - Balance your body. A workout designed to develop core strength and flexibility through moves that focus on co-ordination and relaxation using slow movements.
  • Step - One of the most popular forms of aerobic workouts, our step class is an excellent way to get fit. It’s fun, energetic and gives you a full cardiovascular workout.
  • Yoga - Improve your posture. Enhance your breathing. Build your strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Zumba - High energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations The class utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning.

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